Employee Engagement

BOND&ROW Employee Engagement uses to gamification and socially responsible involvement to increase job satisfaction and positive word of mouth. Organizations with high employee engagement decrease turnover and enhance productivity.

Gamification applies game-design theory to non-game contexts and comprises interactive group activities fostering team building and direct communication. Classic game-design techniques include goal setting, real-time feedback, competition and rewards. Each “game” includes collaboration, shared goals and defined roles.

The more that organizations actively support social and environmental efforts, the more engaged employees are. With employee fundraising, matching donations and award prizes, giving can be turned into a game for maximum employee involvement.

Who benefits from employee engagement?

Organizations seeking to strengthen cohesiveness, communication and engagement of their teams.

Benefits of employee engagement

  • Strengthen employee engagement and motivation
  • Improve cooperation across departments
  • Manage business processes effectively
  • Develop personal and social responsibility
  • Build trust and intimacy among team members