Conflict Management

BOND&ROW takes a proactive approach to conflict management, preventing individual differences from spiraling out of control and threatening teams’ synergy and cooperation. Conflict is a natural occurrence in the workplace and it can be very destructive if not managed in a timely manner.

It is quite common for people to lack the adequate resources to understand and properly manage individual differences. When employees do not fully understand and embrace diversity, teams lose their cohesiveness and stress gains momentum.

Conflicts arise for a variety of reasons. Workplace diversity represents both a challenge and an opportunity for any organization whose human talent is becoming increasingly complex.

By focusing on issues rather than individuals, improving communication, and clarifying goals, the BOND&ROW Conflict Management method turns differences into growth opportunities, creates intimacy among team members and establishes a team approach to problem solving.

Who benefits from Conflict Management?

Organizations seeking an effective approach to managing and preventing conflicts with stakeholders, managers and employees.

Benefits of Conflict Management

  • Improve problem awareness
  • Develop a proactive approach to identifying and preventing conflict
  • Develop the ability to read emotional cues in yourself and others
  • Improve assertive communication
  • Improve problem solving by seizing the creative potential of diversity
  • Establish healthy boundaries and foster mutual respect, trust and intimacy