BOND&ROW Competency Framework

What is a competency framework?

Competency frameworks define the behavioural and technical competencies employees need to effectively perform their jobs and achieve organizational goals.

The BOND&ROW Competency Framework is a simple, structured, and scientific approach to mapping and managing key competencies in just three months.

By revealing critical competency gaps throughout the organization, the BOND&ROW Competency Framework designs effective talent development solutions that improve the bottom line.

The BOND&ROW Competency Framework is designed for simplicity and accuracy. To ensure ease of use, we include only measurable competencies and restrict their number and complexity. We provide guidance to employees about what is expected of them, and a benchmark for managers to effectively assess their staff.


Benefits of competency frameworks

The BOND&ROW Competency Framework has applications across all human resources management and development activities, including recruitment and selection, training needs analysis, employee reviews/appraisal, employee engagement, career management and succession planning.

Competency based questions clarify skills and behaviors to optimise the recruitment process.

Core competencies point out the conflict resolution skills necessary to create effective conflict resolution training and change management programs.

Key competencies are a vehicle for achieving high employees engagement and motivation by clarifying management skills and managerial skills.

The competency framework points out leadership competencies, people and relationship management skills to create a highly effective leadership development plan and leadership training, as well as leadership strategies and leadership coaching interventions.

By combining best-in-class talent and management strategies, the BOND&ROW Competency Framework provides a wide range of benefits for organizational development:

  • Align talent strategy to business strategy
  • Structure organizational development actions
  • Select and hire the right candidate
  • Increase quality at all levels
  • Budgets directed at learning activities to maximize ROI
  • Attract higher quality employees
  • Optimize organizational communication

BOND&ROW Competency Framework has been successfully implemented at all organizational levels to leverage professional performance:

  • Define what is required to be successful in-the-job
  • Focus training and development plans
  • Improve staff motivation and performance on-the-job
  • Reduction of human error
  • Reduce anxiety when dealing with corporate changes
  • Opportunity for growth and development
  • Increase employee job knowledge and competence


Competency framework examples

The BOND&ROW Competency Framework includes many key competencies. Our list of competencies ranges from conflict resolution, leadership development, problem solving, teamwork, to communication skills, results orientation, customer service and people management skills.

Core competencies examples:

Managing Change (behavioural) – Responding to situations very flexibly; the ability to transition through change; making change work for you; helping others transition through change.

Customer Relationship Management (technical) – Managing the relationship between an organization and its customers as a source of customer information; providing customers with the opportunity to interface with production and distribution to receive real-time information on scheduling and product availability.


Creating productive relationships

The BOND&ROW Competency Framework understands the complexity of measuring an employee’s performance and does not aim for comprehensive or prescriptive results. It is intended to be discrete and cumulative, a tool to elicit productive dialogue between managers and employees.

The BOND&ROW Competency Framework can leverage your organizational development needs. For a FREE consultation please drop us a line