Communication Skills

Strong communication skills are the very foundation of any productive interpersonal relationship. The BOND&ROW Communication Skills program focuses on the conceptual difference between “communication” and “communication awareness”.

The act of communicating is as natural to human beings as breathing, eating, and sleeping. Nevertheless, conflict and stress often arise from miscommunication or lack of communication in professional and personal settings.

Rather than dancing around issues or disregarding other people’s opinions (passive versus aggressive), good communication becomes assertive. Assertive communication is essential in order to establish healthy boundaries, improve quality of relationships and create opportunities.

Assertive communication requires straightforward communication, active listening, learning when to say “no”, accepting criticism and proposing viable solutions for conflict resolution.

Who benefits from Communication Skills?

Organizations interested in communicating effectively to handle unproductive conflicts and optimize performance, time and energy.

Benefits of Communication Skills

  • Learn how to constructively express and take criticism
  • Make and respond to requests with direct communication
  • Develop active listening, spot emotional cues, and provide feedback
  • Approach problem solving by embracing other’s points of view
  • Take responsibility and stop blaming outside circumstances
  • Learn to say “no” to build harmonious relationships
  • Resolve conflicts by providing creative solutions