Relationships Matter – Anything is possible by leveraging human bonds

Human potential fully surfaces when we invest time in building productive relationships.

I am very curious. Since I was a kid I have been asking a lot of questions, which are known to my friends as a series of hypothetical scenarios with the purpose of entertaining them while providing me with fresh perspectives. Human relationships always intrigue me, as people seem to have many interpretations of what relationships are, how they should be handled, nurtured and sometimes dissolved. The world we inhabit can be viewed from infinite angles to answer life’s most puzzling question marks.

Over the years theoretical physics has stirred my wildest imagination. For instance it’s mind boggling the thought that quantum physics, the study of the micro universe, apparently seems not to go hand in hand with Einstein’s general relativity theory, which focuses on how the universe works at the macro level. From time to time scientists take gigantic leaps in our understanding of the mystery of life, like the recent “discovery” of the Higgs boson particle.

On July 2012 teams at the Large Hadron Collider, the “Big Bang” atom-smasher near Geneva, Switzerland, found a new particle “consistent” with the Higgs boson. British Professor Peter Higgs theorized the “God particle” in 1964, which represents the smallest element known to humankind. The Higgs boson explains how elementary particles acquire mass and holds the physical fabric of the universe together. This extraordinary discovery provides us with a better understanding of the origin of life and its cryptic dynamics.

In an interview with the Italian magazine l’Espresso, Professor of Physics Antonio Bianconi of the University La Sapienza in Rome depicts the Higgs boson as the underlining component of a network of relationships, the universe. “The universe is just a relational system. Let’s picture small particles like photons, neutrons and protons as a soccer team. The eleven players do not have mass, in other words an identity on their own. The ball they pass to each other is the boson, which gives to the players mass and identity. We exist because we exchange information and this rule applies to the whole cosmos.” In other words, matter IS as a result of a “relational glue”.

“The Higgs boson is important in the Standard Model because it implies the existence of a Higgs field, an otherwise invisible force field which pervades the entire universe,” writes Jim Baggott in the Huffington Post. “Without the Higgs field, elementary particles such as quarks (the constituents of protons and neutrons) and electrons would flit past each other at the speed of light, like ghostly will o’ the wisps. The elementary particles that make up you, me and the visible universe would consequently have no mass. Without the Higgs field mass could not be constructed and nothing could be. What actually happens is that these elementary particles interact with the Higgs field and are slowed down by it, as though swimming in molasses.”

The Higgs field and its associated Higgs boson particle, may be an omnipresent relational quantum field responsible for the genesis of mass. From this perspective the universe could be seen as an interwoven network of processes, a system of relationships. You, me as well as any particle of the universe would come into existence as a result of a relational force binding us in an inseparable tight.

Somehow since the discovery of the Higgs boson I can’t stop thinking that our human relationships “matter” more than we think. Apparently in the subatomic world our own survival is based on connectivity just as much as interpersonal relationships determine much of our happiness as human beings. Who would we be without others, their contributions to our lives, our contributions to theirs?

The boson of human bonds and positive organizational change comprises many key ingredients, as “relational forces” are at the very core of any organization vibrating with creativity and common goals. Organizations benefit tremendously from clearly communicating their mission, vision and values, which are essential components in order to clearly define expectations and foster a functional environment. Mission, vision and values are the glue and compass within any organization.

On an individual level we all make choices on a daily basis. We can fully engage in the relationship agreement and take our share of responsibilities, or we can withdraw from it based on personal biases, miscommunication and personal agendas. It’s a choice leading to hassles and stress, or opportunities for all. A group of people can achieve anything when personal values are aligned with organizational values, and communication flows efficiently and timely.

No matter how successful, talented and determined each one of us can be, our human potential fully surfaces when we invest our time in building productive and harmonious relationships. Good relationships are like compound interest. Compound interest is when interest added to our savings also earns interest escalating our financial growth exponentially. Investing in relationships means leveraging our human potential as a result of our contribution to others’ lives, and their positive impact in our own.

Human relationships can be quite complicated, but we can learn how to create positive bonds with boundless potential. We are deeply connected, what we do with those connections it’s entirely up to us.