About Us

BOND&ROW is an organizational development firm. Through training, coaching and consulting, we assist our clients tackling real challenges, from miscommunication, lack of accountability and poor teamwork, to intercultural barriers, burnout and unproductive conflicts.

BOND&ROW is headquartered in Chicago and operates internationally with a client portfolio in the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions including Hewlett-Packard, Novartis, Sandoz, Parker Hannifin, Sorin Group, and New York University.

We are an energetic group of human resources, business coaches, organizational development specialists, and change agents with the belief that Communication is Key to Changing the World.

BOND&ROW adheres to the ethical guidelines and professional standards of the International Coaching Federation.

Stefano Matini – FOUNDER

At BOND&ROW I help corporate clients to create sustainable workplaces through consulting, training and corporate coaching. “Communication is Key to Changing the World” is my personal mantra, as I believe we can unveil a world of endless opportunities by learning how to communicate effectively with others.

For over 15 years in marketing communication and human development I have had the opportunity to work in many industries including banking, travel, financial services and consumable products. Through my personal and professional experiences I have also grasped the vital importance of personal and social responsibility to create a sustainable future on Earth, our home.

Outside BOND&ROW I am a adjunct professor at New York University where I teach Organizational Communication. I cherish the time I spend with our “millennial” professionals who I consider the best investment for the future.

I am Italian-American and I feel “at home” when surrounded by people whose diverse background and upbringing fill my days with curiosity and wonderment. Life is a learning opportunity.